My foundation has always been hip-hop and the art of turntablism. I used to dissect every new song I heard, that contained samples, and would always track down the original. Groups like A Tribe Called Quest, who sampled lots of jazz, always spoke to me because of the jazz background I had. Growing up playing trumpet, I always loved the free form expression and improvisation that it allowed me, and that’s what I loved so much about hip-hop. I was also inspired by Motown classics, reggae, soul, funk and disco, but I always loved classic and hard rock as well. I’ve always felt like there was a song for every emotion we experience as humans; good and bad. And, that’s what I love to bring out from the crowds I play for, their raw emotions that arise from the music I play for them. There’s so much to be said about the connection we can all have through the songs that we hear.


Professional disc jockey